Skin Care Range

1 LULIWOHN LOTION Luliconazole 1% 30 ML
2 CREAM LULIWOHN Luliconazole Cream 30GM
3 PERMIL LOTION Permethrin 5% Lotion 50 ml
4 SKINRIDE CREAM Hydroquinone (2% w/w) + Mometasone (0.1% w/w) + Tretinoin (0.025% w/w) 20GM
5 NORMISOL Clobetasole + Miconazole + Neomycin + Zinc Cream 15 gm
6 CREAM RIYOCLOB-OT Ofloxacin+ itraconazole + Ornidazole+ Clobetasol CREAM 15 gm
7 CREAM RIYOMIC Clotrimazole cream 15mg
8 KITORYME SHAMPOO Ketoconazole  2+ZPTO 1% shampoo 60ml
9 KITORYME SOAP Ketoconazole  2% w/w 75gm
10 PERMIL SOAP permethrin  1% w/w 75gm
11 Tab. LAMINE-10 Loratadine 10 mg 10×10
12 Tab. FEXOREX-120 Fexofenadine 120 10X10 A/A
13 Tab FEXOREX 180 Fexofenadine 180 10X10 A/A
14 RIYOZOLE-100 Caps. Itraconazole 100 mg 10X1X4 Tab. (A/A)
15 RIYOZOLE-200 Caps. Itraconazole 200 mg 10X1X4 POLY STP
16 Tab.FLUREX-150 Fluconazole 150 mg 1×30 TAB
17 RIYOSILONE-4 Methylprednisolone tab IP 4mg 10×10 Tab. (A/A)
18 RIYOSILONE-8 Methylprednisolone tab IP 8mg 10×10 Tab. (A/A)
19 TAB. KITORYME ketoconazole Tablet 200MG 10×10 Tab. (A/A)
21 RIYOTEN-250 Terbinafine 250 MG 10X10 A/A
25 RIYOTEN CREAM Terbinafine CREAM (1%) 15GM

Skin Care Pharmaceutical Company | Derma PCD Franchise Company

Riyadh Pharmaceuticals is one of the best Skin Care Pharmaceutical Company or Derma PCD Franchise Company that is offering Derma PCD Franchise Monopoly rights to the full range of items in high-quality Dermatology (Skincare range) including pills, pills, powders, cream, ointments, gels, etc.

Franchise Dermatology Company: If you are looking for the best Derma PCD Franchise Company? If so, several Derma PCD Franchise offer franchise market opportunities in the dermatology field. Besides the Derma Products List, a wide variety of skincare products are developed and supplied throughout the region. Both dermatological products and treatment products are supervised and processed at WHO-GMP-approved plants by a team of specialists. They are responsible for the safety of the products. Because of the massive demand in India, everyone now takes their skin seriously one day. It comprises medications and products which are used every day, such as lotions, creams, shampoos, soft gels, etc.

Riyadh Pharmaceutical is one of the leading dermatology products online pharmacy markets. The list of authentic Derma franchise companies with a wide array of highly productive dermatics and skincare goods is here. Skin Care Pharmaceutical Company is listed in the list has dermatic products that most dermatologists in all of India are licensed and recommended for use. As a leading Derma Pcd Company, we ensure good quality dermatic goods are offered at the very best price. The Derma PCD Pharma Franchise is the perfect opportunity for pharmacists to start up their own pharmaceutical industry business.

Skin Care/Derma PCD Franchise Company – Riyadh Pharmaceutical

In India Top, Derma Franchise Company spend much money on health science and technologies every year in order to manufacture for the people the best dermatic goods. Above all, the rivalry among different derma pcd companies is high and an addition to the derma company list every day is extremely commendable, because of the growing demands for dermatics and because of the quality with which they have met the needs of their customers. The world’s leading dermatology franchisees in India have a huge influence on people’s lives today. You should check out the Riyadh Pharmaceuticals website if you’re looking for the Best Derma Franchise Company in India.

High Quality Products by Riyadh Pharmaceutical for Derma PCD Franchise in India

Our innovation is that goods like Firmer have the first-mover advantage.

Our quality is verified by our direct supervision of the operation from the purchasing of raw materials until the product is delivered.

And our reputation lies in our alliance with many international bodies besides the Indians; many respected bodies and medicinal bodies have certifications.

We have a proud alliance with leading dermatologists, estheticians, and cosmetologists in India, with over two decades of experience in serving the Riyadh Brotherhood.

Benefits of Working with Top Derma Pharma Franchise Company in India

The greatest natural ornamentation one can get is skin and hair. Therefore, taking care of them is necessary. Riyadh Pharmaceuticals helps to preserve and heal the health of the skin and of the scalp. With a certified state-of-the-art production unit, we are an ISO 9001:2015 Derma Pharma Franchise Company. Our Derma business provides a wide variety of medications in topical and oral treatment for skin and hair disorders and is now considered one of the Best Derma Franchise Company in India.

Riyadh Pharmaceuticals provides a Derma PCD Franchise Company in India to offer outstanding dermatology. Our tailor-made collection of skincare is designed to suit the patients’ needs. As one of India’s most fast-generating Derma Products Franchise, we are committed to transforming creativity and productivity.

Derma Company Franchise are nationally linked to providers, wholesalers, pharmacy practitioners, dermatologists, and dealers, making us one of the best dermatological firms. Our Derma Company Products make Derma PCD Business the best in India. For those who want a decent source of money, the PCD franchise options unlock doors.

For Derma Cosmetic Companies in India, we are the best. A broad variety of dermatology and cosmoceuticals is protected by the product portfolio. Our collection of Derma Products Franchise Company in India includes different types of products like a facial wash, cream, skin serum, lotion, soap, sunscreen, onions, gel, and scalp application.

Vacant Areas for Derma PCD Franchise Business on Monopoly Basis

We are inviting to the pharma professionals who are willing to start own Derma PCD franchise business for the following districts:

Why Riyadh Pharmaceutical is considered as the Top Derma PCD Franchise Company?

At Riyadh Pharmaceuticals, all the goods and a viable business deal are of high quality for you. We hope to put the standardized skincare line into the market with our customer-focused approach. Our excellence is defined by:

Research Business Innovation: The Company actively paves the way for progress by means of primary components such as research and innovation.

Production quality process: research and production creativity adds quality to goods. Products quality. This guarantees a reliable and consistent utilization of our goods. To ensure high quality, we are investing in changing our manufacturing process.

Standardized Products: We sell an unbeatable collection for your patronage to guarantee the consistency and creativity of drug delivery systems.

Personal responsibility: Our Derma PCD Pharma Companies itself are responsible for the loyalty of business partners. We are proud to have our commitment among the members of the team.

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